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CHEREB is a FLOSS( free/libre open source) based defensive security solution.

Its main objective is to provide a total solution from the angle of fundamental security ecosystem, in order to build an unified platform to enable system convergence by applying the core concept of security by design.

We provide open source consulting solution for data center based on Debian, e.g: Automation, High Availability, Virtualization, Cluster Storage etc. Debian GNU/Linux is a community-driven distro with numbers of high quality packages.

Based on the progress of PaX / Grsecurity, a huge amount of effords have been devoted from the aspects of compiler security, kernel level protection, TEE, standard library and framework security, vulnerability analysis, threat intelligence analysis and assessment, operational security, best practice of system deployment process, scenario analysis, and system design, to implement an optimized secure ecosystem.

The ecosystem provides a glueing logic platform to converge servers, clients, mobile terminals, IoT nodes and gateways, and interoperability devices, by the mean time to ensure the security of the entire ecosystem.

The security by design approach of the new ecosystem not only accelerate the system deployment process, but also mitigate the risk from design to production, which is liable to induce a huge amount of a variety forms of losses.

In addition, it is undoubtedly a stimuli to increase the time to market of an individual product, subsystem, system, or ecosystem from all the perspectives.

The symbolic meaning of CHEREB is about the adoption of an excalibur to cut off all the unauthorised or informal path between the god (kernel) and human being (application).


Gemini is targeted to provide a comprehensive system-wise wireless security solution.

In general, majority of so-called wireless security solutions are just some kind of "distributed solutions" that only provide some level of application specific protection to clients, servers, and clouds, respectively.

Hence, the issues of system level interoperability are usually overlooked.

The core executive level of Gemini is based on a huge amount of real data being recorded in real-live environment.

The data is undoubtedly the most valuable source to reflect the almost real-time security trend and threat intelligence, after having big data analytics (BDA) and deep machine learning processes.

On the other hand, it is possible to provide strong encrypted link and cloud-based sandbox features in order to ensure the security by strengthening the communication channel and predicting malicious behavior.

Gemini can be easily deployed in different environments, without any code level modification and re-compilation.

The template based design method should be the most effective way to accelerate the time to market of any kind of system design.